„psycho-country-core“ is their first publication and an intense result of acoustic chemistry by Kohmann / Zöllner / Weiss.

The three versatile artists had their first and fortunate musical encounter on a former missile launching site in the western woods of Germany.

Since then, driven by their different musical backgrounds from contemporary classical music, jazz and free improvisation, they have a blast riding through the atmospheres of multi-layered structures and dense vibrations. The unusual hybrid of accordion, saxophone and vibraphone leads to an exceeding blend of sound and gesture.

Stefan Kohmann has worked with composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Philip Glass and Dieter Schnebel. He spent his life in different countries (Germany, USA and Oman) and performed all over the planet, believing that music has no borders.

Eva Zöllner is internationally renowned for her work in the field of contemporary accordion music. She has inspired composers from all continents and therefore premiered hundreds of compositions worldwide. Her busy touring schedule endows her with a nomadic life filled with great experience.

Ingo Weiss has digged deeply in the ground of free jazz and has released several remarkable recordings. Blessed with great ears and a passion for dance and movement, he developed an exceptional style of playing.